Chairman’ Welcome

Why Loyola…..and why now?

This question was asked of me by my staff, administration, and by the site inspector from the ACGME. In fact outside of our department these two questions were asked by many when they learned we were moving forward with an EM residency. Inside the department our faculty asked the question in a little different way: “why not Loyola…..and why not now?”

The Department of Emergency Medicine – Loyola University Chicago – Stritch School of Medicine has an infrastructure and programmatic design to ensure a fantastic EM training experience. Our clinical experience, educational program and research opportunities are such to provide diversity in your formation as an EM physician.

As a primary ED to our community we see many similar cases as our community colleagues in their institutions; essential to competencies. As a secondary ED receiving patients from our various ambulatory clinics your experiences gains the added benefit of other physicians providing their insight into your clinical coordination of this patient subset. As a tertiary referral center for trauma, stroke, burns, and pediatric ICU your education and clinical experiences have the added expertise of our faculty colleagues guiding you within your own institution. And finally our quaternary ED patients who have undergone transplants, LVADs, advanced cancer treatments, complex orthopedic, spine, cardiac, and neurosurgical services will ensure your comfort and skills in addressing emergent concerns in these unique complex cases.

Clinical competency is only one aspect of your development. Other areas of ongoing development as a department include:

  • Our EM Female Faculty Forum to address issues and concerns in regards to gender equality and parity.
  • Opportunities within the department for fellowship development through our experiences in EMS, Toxicology, Sports Medicine, Ultrasound, and Medical Education enable you to have options for the future.
  • Concern for resident life has resulted in dedicated resources for work-life balance, ongoing educational programs for your development, and physician wellness.

Our faculty have dedicated their careers to the advancement of the specialty of Emergency Medicine through the education of our students and residents. You will be joining a team where the expectation of its members is our ability to be a resource 24/7. Much like other programs in EM, you will be in a cadre of physicians always available to patients, always a resource to colleagues, and always ready for whatever our community encounters in emergent challenges.

Thank you for your interest in our program and our department. Whatever your choice, on behalf of myself and the faculty of our department, welcome to the exciting field of Emergency Medicine!

Mark E. Cichon, D.O., FACEP/FACOEP (dist)

Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine